INDIANAPOLIS — When shopping for birthday and Christmas presents for that special showmen in one’s life, individuals need to make sure to check out the new Indiana Beef web store.

Jennifer Biesecker, the special events coordinator with the Indiana Beef Cattle Association, noted that the group recently launched an online store, where customers can purchase clothing items with either the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” logo or the logo for the Hoosier Beef Congress, as well as the IBCA logo.

She said Indiana Beef is working with BK Sports Inc. of Avon, which works with several sports teams and commodity groups, to provide the personalized items.

Due to the interest of the public wanting shirts with the logos on it, especially during the Hoosier Beef Congress, Biesecker explained that the idea for the online store came about because the organization figured it would be a painless way for members, as well as the general public, to buy the shirts or tote bags they want.

“When I was younger, I didn’t know what IBCA stood for,” she said, adding that the store will allow people to purchase items at their own leisure and promote the beef industry and the beef cattle association when an individual wears one of the shirts.

She added that Indiana Beef also felt the need to add something else to its site for members and that over the next several weeks more promotional items, including vests and other winter clothing items, will be added to the store’s lineup.

Customer requests definitely will be considered, Biesecker said, when it comes to figuring out what the store should sell because Indiana Beef wants to have merchandise that customers want.

“Check back often to check out more items for your Indiana Beef wear,” she said, adding that by working with BK Sports, the association will be able to offer Hoosiers the beef cattle apparel they want.

To access the web store, visit and look for the BK Sports icon.