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  • Iowa vote is a wake-up call
    I am relieved that I’m not the only one who is in wonder at the claims by pro-ethanol groups that more than 80 percent of the votes cast in the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses were cast for pro-Renewable Fuel Standard candidates. Ted Cruz won the GOP caucus and was loudly anti-ethanol during his travels throughout Iowa.
  • Farmer’s experience shows proof in the soil
    During the Winter Seminar hosted by AgriEnergy Resources, Jim Mitchell, who farms near Eaton, Ohio, talked about his biological farming journey that he started about 26 years ago.
  • How much cash rent are you paying?
    More than 10,000 Illinois farmers will receive a cash rents and leases survey in the mail this month from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.
  • Something great is now growing in Indy
    I love the concept of urban farms. Savings bits of green space for personal and community gardens. Having backyard chicken coops. Growing food in the least expected spaces that might otherwise not be utilized.
  • Where are ag issues in the 2016 election?
    Are ag issues the 800-pound gorilla in the 2016 presidential election room — or the 24-ounce kitten?
  • Fresh produce — even during winter
    Take a close look at this photo of Swiss chard. It was picked at its peak and offered as fresh as it comes. Its nutritional value shines through with its vibrant color. There’s not a single bug scar, disease blemish or a speck of dirt. It’s so perfect in my eyes that it looks like it came out of a seed catalog
  • Spoonful of humor helps learning go down
    The theme of the recent Dairy Summit program was data driven decisions and steps dairymen can take to avoid bottlenecks in their operations. This annual program, held in three locations in Illinois, is sponsored by the Illinois Milk Producers Association and the University of Illinois Extension.
  • Sweep-proof council helps meet research needs
    As several presentations on new and ongoing Illinois Nutrient Research and Education Council-funded research were given to open the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association convention I couldn’t help but think how fortunate this state is to have such a program.
  • Agricultural careers take many shapes
    It’s exciting to watch AgriNews begin its exploration of agricultural professions, probably because of the diverse range of people who walk down these career paths. When someone says “farmer,” often a common image comes to mind.
  • Talk rekindles memories of 2015 tornado
    Candice King, chief meteorologist at WTVO-TV in Rockford, talked about the severe weather that hit northern Illinois on April 9, 2015, during a presentation at the Northern Illinois Farm Show.

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