There are many things in life that don’t make sense to me, and I’m sure there will be many more in my lifetime. A few things that I never will understand include why shoes are necessary during the summer, especially when God blessed me with a pair of perfectly good bare feet, or how a tomato can be considered either a fruit or vegetable — in my household, it’s always a vegetable — and how some individuals lack any common sense or the ability to make the right decisions.

I’m not sure how many times over the past few years I have uttered the phrase, “What is wrong with people?” after hearing about another kidnapping, burglary or abuse case on the news or personally witnessing an individual treating another with disrespect for no reason at all, other than they felt that they could.

Over the weekend, a random act of kindness performed by a friendly elderly man restored my faith in humankind. On Sunday afternoon, I decided that the kids and I would go out to eat for dinner as treat and also partly because I had a coupon that I couldn’t let go to waste and partly because I didn’t feel like cooking.

Well, my 3 year old was excited because he loves the macaroni and cheese that the restaurant makes, but he was having a meltdown by the time we headed to dinner, about what I’m still not sure.

I almost left the dinner, but I figured that would be a bigger disaster. Instead, I just apologized to all the patrons next to us for the crying or the excited shrieks coming from my 1-year-old daughter at the other end of the table.

The elderly man seated at the table across from us was laughing the whole time and assuring me that he didn’t mind at all and, in fact, liked the loud noise. The entire time he was there eating, he kept making funny faces and playing with my daughter and even got her to wave when he left, which I still haven’t been able to accomplish.

About five minutes after he left, our waitress came up to us and told me that a gentleman already had taken care of the cost of our meal. I was completely shocked because not only had this sweet man, who reminded me of my grandpa, not minded the varying levels of noise — and potential for flying objects — he paid for his dinner, plus the dinner of the table next to him.

I realized that if this gentleman could show compassion to a stressed mom of two young children, than individuals in the agriculture community and the consumers who eat the product produced on their operation can work together to accomplish the common goal that everyone wants, which is a safe food supply.

I believe that if farmers continue the effort of telling their story and educating the public on how food is produced and how their animals are properly handled and given adequate feed and fresh water, consumers will know where the food that they are feeding their children comes from and how important a farmer’s job is.