This isn’t your grandparent’s agriculture. Over the last century, agriculture has transformed from one or two horsepower — as in the four-legged kind — to diesel-driven horsepower that enables a tractor with a cab to pull massive planting equipment or power a combine.

Beyond that, hybrids and varieties improved through breeding advancements, and hoes soon were replaced with Roundup Ready.

These advancements were developed over generations, but that now has changed. Today’s agricultural advancements move forward like a runaway freight train to the point where we wonder each year what the next step will be.

Scientific advancements have touched all facets of agriculture to the point where a small handheld device can deliver more information in seconds than the entire computer system at NASA could deliver in hours during the Apollo moon missions.

It’s not even our father’s agriculture.

Like keeping a scorecard at a spring training baseball game, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who and what’s what. However, there is a source that offers a one-stop opportunity to learn about all of the latest precision ag developments.

The InfoAg Conference, an event held every other year, is slated for Tuesday through Thursday, July 16-18, at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield, Ill. It is touted as the premier event in precision agriculture, and it always lives up to its billing.

Farmers will be on hand to give presentations on their own personal experiences in precision ag. Specialists from various businesses and groups will talk variable rate technology and nutrient management.

There will be opportunities to learn about remote sensing, field data issues and computer applications. Visitors can bring their own computers for hands-on training with the latest tools for improving the bottom line.

The list of opportunities goes on and on, and it isn’t all about sales pitches. It’s about helping agriculture do better.

Registration is available at the door for this educational event.