Joel Krause, AGCO marketing specialist, points out details of the new TerraGator 9300B (background) during the Midwest Ag Industries Expo in Bloomington, Ill.
Joel Krause, AGCO marketing specialist, points out details of the new TerraGator 9300B (background) during the Midwest Ag Industries Expo in Bloomington, Ill.
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — A new high-flotation applicator touted for its enhanced performance and operator comfort was featured at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo.

The 2015 Tier 4 Final TG9300B from AGCO Application Equipment debuted at the annual outdoor show. Production of the new TerraGator applicator ramps up this January.

The TG9300B replaces its predecessor, the TG9300 applicator, and continues to be the largest model of AGCO’s three-wheel fleet.

Equipped with a 425-hp AGCO Power Engine meeting Tier 4 Final requirements, and combined with TerraGator’s proven Continuously Variable Transmission, the TG9300B delivers maximum power and fuel economy.

“The TerraGator TG9300B incorporates everything that the 9300 did as far as having the highest horsepower, the best-performing machine in the field and carrying the largest capacity system,” said Joel Krause, AGCO application equipment marketing specialist.

“What changed on here were basically the key items: The engine, the transmission and some components inside and outside the cab. The engine is a 98 AWF Tier 4 Final and our first Tier 4 Final TerraGator.

“It uses a combination of technology that includes (selective catalytic reduction), (exhaust gas recirculation), the (diesel oxidation catalyst) canister, as well as dual turbochargers.”

Among the differences between the Tier 4 and the earlier Tier 3 engine is the exhaust gas recirculation.

“We’re using exhaust gas, bringing it to an inner cooler, cooling that air and taking it back into the air intake. That way we get a better burn with that exhaust,” Krause said.

He added the applicator has a 5 percent to 8 percent fuel savings over “our previous machine with the C13 engine.”

The applicator has a modified ML-260 transmission, similar to that used in the 7300, 8300 and 8400.

“However, it’s a modified ML-260, meaning that we have a case that’s been reinforced. We’re using a larger output bearing and that allows it to get the additional horsepower to the ground,” Krause said.

“The other thing that we’re using is a two-stage transmission control unit, so if we’re running one speed and we get to about 13 mph, it actually increases the amount of horsepower that we’re going to put through that transmission.

“That allows us to have more torque to the ground — power — and gives us the same performance that we experience with the 9300.”

Other enhancements the TG9300B features from its predecessor include:

n Enhanced operator comfort with cab upgrades including a reduced decibel level for a quieter ride, optional leather, air-cooled seat and new floating right-hand armrest, along with panoramic views and conveniently placed controls featured in all TerraGator cabs specifically designed with for application;

n Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs, as the AGCO Power Engine allows for a higher number of hours between engine oil changes;

n Equipped to be steer guidance ready, making it easy for machine owners to install an automated steering system of their choosing; and

n Reduced overall ownership costs with no clutch packs to maintain or replace with the TerraGator’s Continuously Variable Transmission. Compared to a power shift transmission, the CVT provides added operator comfort by eliminating lunges associated with shifting.

“The 9300B was developed to give a similar performance that we had in the 9300,” Krause said. “However, what we’re giving you is additional fuel savings, a quieter cab, a very easy-starting engine, an engine that runs smoothly, a CVT that allows for smooth, constant acceleration and excellent power to the ground.”

Like other TerraGator models, the TG9300B offers multiple dry application systems, such as Air Max Precision, Air Max Precision2, Air Spreader, Soilection Twin Bin, Soilection Four Bin and New Leader L4000G4 spinner, for high-volume capacity and output capabilities.

For liquid applications, its 2,400-gallon tank is ideal for all types of terrains with the Benson Boom II center pivot boom tree design.

And, like its TerraGator siblings, the TG9300B offers the latest technology systems, including the AGCOMMAND data reporting and fleet management system, which comes standard with a one-year advanced service subscription.