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  • Fulton County agriculture as diverse as its geography
    When it comes to educating students about the agriculture in their county, there’s plenty to talk about. Fulton County’s countryside that provides the backdrop for the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive also provides the setting for livestock and grain production. 
  • Uncertainty rules despite higher hog numbers
    Will U.S. pork producers do more bacon makin’ in 2015? If there’s a disease ease, then maybe baby, according to some industry analysts. 
  • Canadian pig industry on the grow, analyst says
    Despite some fairly significant challenges, including disease, a bankruptcy and global strife, Canadian pork producers are on the grow, a Canadian livestock industry analyst said.  
  • Sudden death syndrome impacts soybean yields
    As combines roll through corn and soybean fields across the Midwest, some fields are expected to produce variable yields. 
  • Bayer strives to find ways to protect crop production
    Research to develop new ways for farmers to manage weeds, disease and harmful pests is important as resistance problems develop and new pests challenge the production of crops. 
  • Plots help growers make seed and crop protection decisions
    A healthy, productive crop starts with the right seed. While researchers steadily work to create new corn hybrids, growers continue to ask the same question: How will they perform on my farm?  
  • Official greeter at farm earns 'world’s tallest cow' title
    Blosom, the World’s Tallest Cow, will be included in the Guinness World Records book. “Blosom makes people smile, and she makes your day,” said Patty Hanson, Blosom’s owner. 
  • 'Fertigation' delivers nutrients, water to roots
    How about 400-bushel corn and 100-bushel soybeans per acre? That’s the goal researchers at the University of Illinois are shooting for with “fertigation.” 
  • Record low soybean carryout surprises trade
    With record-shattering anticipated yields, the U.S. Department of Agriculture threw out a surprise for traders with another record. 
  • Banded fertilizer foundation delivers high yields
    Adequate soil phosphorus levels are a prerequisite for achieving optimum corn yields, but also a double-edged sword with higher fertilizer costs and environmental concerns. 
  • Year-end stocks revised as harvest ramps up
    Old-crop soybean stocks were much lower than anticipated despite upward revisions of yield and harvested acres, while corn stocks were above previous expectations in a new report. 
  • Activist group tries to free foxes
    An animal rights activist group admitted to breaking into an eastern Iowa fox fur farm and trying to free about 30 foxes. 
  • Record harvest sheds light on infrastructure needs
    Farmers across Illinois predict a record harvest, and soon soybeans will leave Illinois fields en route to customers around the world. Access to multiple modes of transportation provides a competitive advantage to Illinois farmers, but aging infrastructure poses a unique challenge to transportation. 
  • Illiana garners environmental OK
    The planned Illiana Expressway between Indiana and Illinois has cleared a federal environmental review. The Federal Highway Administration published a tier two final environmental impact statement on the 47-mile tollway south of Chicago. 
  • Program to promote healthy eating
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture is making up to $31.5 million in funding available to help participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program more easily afford healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

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