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  • Don’t delay reporting flood damage to crops
    Farmers in areas where heavy rainfall and flood conditions have caused crop damage should contact their crop insurance company as soon as possible, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency. 
  • Row crops take backseat to fruit in Union County
    A discussion of agriculture in Union County invariably leads to specialty crops. Located in the southwestern corner of Illinois, the land is marked by extensive fruit production, especially apples and peaches. 
  • Deere introduces significant product launch
    John Deere launched one of its most significant product introductions for 2015. “This product launch is not only significant to John Deere, but I would argue it is perhaps the most comprehensive product introduction we’ve ever had,” said John Lagemann. 
  • Learn how to help wildlife
    heasants Forever will host a CP42 Pollinator workshop in conjunction with the Rock Island County NRCS and Soil and Water Conservation District. The event will be at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 18 at the Ed Connelly farm in Rock Island County. 
  • Coffee fungus boosts prices for high-end blends
    The U.S. government is stepping up efforts to help Central American farmers fight a devastating coffee disease — and hold down the price of your morning cup. 
  • Candidates air agriculture platform planks
    Gubernatorial candidates may be far apart on issues, but they both agree on the importance of Illinois agriculture. 
  • Pioneering winemaker warily greets new industry model
    Paul Renzaglia never thought he’d see the day when beer would be sold at his winery. But that day is here. 
  • Automated soil sampler introduced at MAGIE
    Agriculture tools using global positioning systems, remote sensing and geographic information systems can refine nutrient management. 
  • John Deere tractors feature new suspension system
    Operators of the new John Deere 9R Series tractors will experience a much smoother ride with the HydraCushion suspension system. 
  • Study warns of sudden climate change woes
    Hard-to-predict sudden changes to Earth’s environment are more worrisome than climate change’s bigger but more gradual impacts, a panel of scientists advising the U.S. government concluded. 
  • Company building 2 seed research centers
    DuPont announced construction on two state-of-the-art centers dedicated to developing and testing seed treatment formulations, applications and seed handling techniques in an important step toward bringing new solutions to growers. 
  • Illinoisan heads U.S. Grains Council
    Illinois farmer Ron Gray was elected chairman of the U.S. Grains Council during the organization’s 54th annual board of delegates meeting in Omaha, Neb. 
  • Europe makes a stink about American cheese names
    Errico Auricchio produced cheese with his family in Italy until he brought his trade to the U.S. more than 30 years ago. Now, the European Union is saying his cheese isn’t authentic enough to carry a European name. 
  • Soybean-Asian carp feed blend more sustainable for aquaculture industry
    Combining soybean meal with fish meal made from invasive Asian carp produces a more nutritious, sustainable and economical option for feeding some farm-raised fish, shows Southern Illinois University research. 
  • Bumblebees stung by honeybee sickness
    Wild bumblebees worldwide are in trouble, likely contracting deadly diseases from their commercialized honeybee cousins, a new study shows. 

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