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  • USDA anticipates record-shattering crops
    Big crops got bigger in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s latest corn and soybean production estimates. Corn production is forecast at 14.5 billion bushels, up less than 1 percent from the last month’s forecast and 4 percent above 2013. 
  • No shockers in USDA production estimates
    There was no fodder for the bulls nor the bears in the latest crop production and supply and demand estimates. “There weren’t a whole lot of surprises. Everything came in exactly what we were looking for,” said Peter Georgantones, analyst with Roy E. Abbot Futures. 
  • Corn stocks add up amid record estimates
    Corn stocks turned upward and the soybean surplus was reduced in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s world supply and demand estimates released recently. 
  • Rauner: Farmers will have a seat at my table
    Bruce Rauner has promised to place farmers in his administration if he is elected governor. The Republican, who is challenging incumbent Pat Quinn for the state’s highest office, said in an interview with AgriNews that unlike his opponent, he would make sure the agriculture director is a farmer or at least has a farm background. 
  • Sudden death syndrome hammers some soybean fields
    Sudden death syndrome made its presence known in Illinois soybean fields this season in one of the worst outbreaks in years. The disease — whose symptoms involve yellowing leaves, dropped pods and rapid death of the plant — is resulting in yield loss on some farms, though it is not a widespread problem. 
  • ‘Field Moms’ pitch in as farmhands on harvest tour
    Gerald Thompson and his son, Tyler, hosted a “Field Moms” tour of their farm that was highlighted by the visitors riding and driving the combine and tractor pulling a grain cart. 
  • Michigan father and son run potato farm and business
    "We're farmers for two months of the year and businessmen the other 10," said Bill Kitchen, president of Kitchen Farms. The potato operation, nestled between Mancelona and Boyne Falls, is a true family success story. 
  • International grain buyers visit Illinois
    Thirty-three guests representing eight countries toured farms and agriculture-related businesses across the state. 
  • Experts emphasize human cost of ag accidents
    How much does it cost to be safe on the farm? For Midwest farmers facing a potentially long, wet harvest to get crops out of the field and into storage, minutes matter. Minutes and hours can mean money during the harvest rush. 
  • Safety matters … for rescuers, as well as farmers
    Who’s coming to save you, if you are involved in a farm-related accident? Chances are, it’s going to be a volunteer firefighter or first responder. 
  • Family seed company spreads message to family farms
    Wyffels Hybrids is a company started around a farmhouse kitchen table. Bill Wyffels Jr. alluded to the seed corn company’s start at the 2014 Corn Strategies Conference. 
  • Dairy group partners with companies to expand promotions
    Developing partnerships with globally recognized companies is helping U.S. dairy farmers increase their promotional efforts. Dairy Management Inc., which is funded through the nation’s nearly 49,000 dairy farmers, has established partnerships with McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Quaker, Domino’s and Pizza Hut. 
  • Take action against resistant weeds
    Herbicide-resistant weeds cost U.S. farmers $2 billion annually and climbing as the problem spreads.  
  • Consequences put ‘teeth’ in farm bill deadlines
    Uncle Sam wants you — to remember to sign up for farm bill programs. To make sure farmers get in to their local Farm Service Agency office to complete the necessary paperwork to sign up for 2014 farm bill commodity programs, lawmakers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture added some consequences. 
  • Monsanto expands insect pest initiative
    Monsanto has expanded its foray into the battle against insect pests. The St. Louis-based agricultural company, which two years ago launched a research excursion targeting corn rootworm, recently began a new venture in which it will fund public research into a wide assortment of yield-robbing insects. 

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