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  • Dandelions could be new cash crop
    Illinois farmers interested in something new may want to take a look at dandelions. A St. Louis company is in the process of developing an industry producing the Russian dandelion for the latex it produces. The potential is promising. 
  • Snacking on success with popcorn venture
    As far as Andrew and Karlie Bowman, the farm entrepreneurs who started Pilot Knob Comforts Hull-Less Popcorn, can see, the sky is the limit for expanding their new business. 
  • Avian influenza strikes wild and domestic birds
    As U.S poultry producers continue to deal with outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is conducting active surveillance on all commercial poultry flocks through the National Poultry Improvement Plan. 
  • HPAI no threat to pigs, but vets urge biosecurity vigilance
    HPAI or highly pathogenic avian influenza, HPAI H5, currently does not pose a risk to the nation’s hog herd, but veterinarians are urging producers to be vigilant with their biosecurity. 
  • Catfights, Chipolte and staying connected
    Today, I want to talk about catfights and Chipotle’s anti-GMO message. Real, actual catfights. I have three cats; I’m one cat shy of crazy cat lady status. My youngest is Brady, a rescue cat
  • Planting begins
    It has been an interesting spring so far. The weather has been a challenge to outguess. Many producers had opted to hold back on planting until last week. 
  • Be Kind to Animals Week marks 100th year
    These days, people pay piles of cash to pamper their pets, but problems remain on the farm and in the slaughterhouse, on movie sets and at animal shelters — even in the wild. That’s why the American Humane Association is touting its past to move animal welfare forward. 
  • Ready to roll
    Corn planting began for just a few, mostly a little south of me about the first week of April. Most guys did not start then as it was pretty early for this area to start. We and many others did some planting around April 17-18, then we did get a small shower. 
  • Winery's remote location among its many charms
    Hidden Lake Winery and Banquet Center is a hidden gem. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, this sprawling complex is a combination of rustic beauty and modern style. 
  • Corn nearly in
    In our central area of the state, we’ve been fortunate to experience less precipitation, which has allowed for the majority of the corn crop to be planted. Our farm’s earliest corn survived the cooler temperatures, but lacks that vibrant green color. 
  • Schumer seeks to ease dairy farmer rules
    Sen. Charles Schumer says dairy farmers in New York state and across the country need help contending with falling milk prices. The Democrat said he wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture to change the rules on dairy farm insurance to allow farmers to spread their premium payments over 12 months. 
  • Challenges ahead
    The spring season has been slow to cooperate with a lot of field activity so far. Temperatures so far have been somewhat below normal at this point, keeping soils on the wetter side. 
  • Donations support ag education
    Funds totaling $125,000 to assist students, farmers and future leaders were presented to Illinois groups from the 1st Farm Credit Services Donor Advised Fund. 
  • Open new markets for goods
    No matter how much we invest in our farmers and advance policies that encourage them to invest in themselves, it is futile if those policies do not advance opportunities and open new markets for U.S. agriculture products. 
  • Food price index continues downward
    One typically chilly February morning seven years ago I was en route to Johnston, Iowa, to cover an event when I flipped on talk radio and heard some frightening news. 

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