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  • Grant boosts ag program restart
    New equipment will help students learn about agricultural concepts at the Earlville school district thanks to a Farmers Grow Rural Education grant, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. 
  • Product training delivered to Jenner Sales’ customers
    Keeping up with the latest equipment technologies, regulations and safety issues is a challenge, but a “university” on wheels eases those concerns. 
  • Bankers see farm income, land values down
    Farm income continued to decline across areas of the Midwest and Mid-South during the third quarter of 2015 compared to a year ago, while farmland and ranchland values are going in different directions. 
  • Video: Week in Review
    This week's top agriculture stories: A Christmas present from the far north and plants to brighten the holidays. 
  • Integrated ag platform provides solutions
    First there was the Green Revolution, then the biotechnology and molecular breeding advancements in the mid-1990s and now agriculture is on the cusp of another revolution. 
  • History comes alive at Vandalia Statehouse
    There was a time when history was not interesting to me, but that has really changed. I’ve learned that history is fascinating, especially when it involves talking with a farmer who has experienced vast changes in the way he manages his farm and the tools he uses to grow food and fiber. 
  • Pro offers tips on marketing grain
    In the current marketplace where 80 percent of all trades are computer generated, grain marketer Pete Lorenz says more farmers should develop a marketing plan that plots multiple sales over a season. 
  • Changes ahead for farmland assessment
    A change in Illinois farmland assessments will be reflected in property tax bills payable in 2016. The revision shifts the annual cap of 10 percent from a parcel’s individual soil productivity index to the state’s median cropped soil PI of 111. 
  • New soybean brand joins ‘Respect the Rotation’ effort
    A company that has conducted the “Respect the Rotation” weed management stewardship campaign for several years added another option for farmers that parallels that initiative. 
  • Century farm making hay
    Hay production is an important part of the Scherer family farm operation. “My husband found a niche — 15 to 20 years ago,” explained Anne Scherer about her husband, Dale. 
  • Trace nutrients can play big role in soil, plant health
    Brad Forkner likes to compare his system of crop nutrients to human nutrition. “You only metabolize food to your first limiting factor. If it happens to be sulfur, when you bump up against a shortage of sulfur, you’re done,” said Forkner, soil structure and nutrient manager for Nutrient Management Specialists. 
  • Make sure protection grows with your farm
    If your farm is growing, you’re likely familiar with the “pains” that come along with that: matching the size of your equipment line to number of farmed acres, managing more landlord relationships, dealing with bigger numbers and making even bigger decisions. 
  • Why is Illinois losing ag scientists?
    Illinois farmers lost another valuable source of information this month to either industry or an out-of-state university. Entomologist Mike Gary announced his retirement from the University of Illinois to begin a new career with Monsanto as sustainable agricultural systems lead. 
  • Xtend soybeans nearing market release
    SPONSORED: Farmers who battle glyphosate-resistant and other tough-to-control weeds will have an additional weed management tool in 2016 with the anticipated introduction of the Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. 
  • Depression can creep in during the holidays
    Although there are times when this old world seems to have more meanness than kindness in it, I am thankful for the many blessings I recognize, as well as those I take for granted every day. 

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