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  • Farm Aid to be in North Carolina
    Willie Nelson and the annual Farm Aid concert and food festival are coming to North Carolina. The concert is scheduled for Sept. 13 in the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh. 
  • IFB cautions landowners on pipeline survey permit
    A company wanting to build a pipeline to transport crude oil from the Bakken shale oil fields in North Dakota has started contacting property owners in western Illinois, the Illinois Farm Bureau reports. 
  • Cattle entries open for World Dairy Expo
    World Dairy Expo’s 2014 dairy cattle entries are open. Exhibitors can choose to enter through the expo online entry system or by mail. Initial entry deadline is Aug. 31. 
  • Forage-based dairy diet can be profitable with right management
    Grazing dairy cattle can be profitable, as long as the producer has the “right stuff” — including attitude. That’s the message of David Jones, who discussed the pluses and minuses of a forage-based dairy at the Illinois Forage Expo here. Adapting a grazing-heavy system requires commitment. 
  • Many options available in quest for year-round grazing
    Since grazing is the most economical means of feeding livestock, it makes sense to keep cows on pasture as long as possible. That may be common sense, but producers interested in taking advantage of their fields are faced with a multitude of issues along with opportunities. 
  • Jared Finegan
    If we could have controlled the weather for the Iroquois County Fair, we wouldn’t have made it as perfect as it was. I cannot remember a year where it didn’t rain at all, and I don’t think it has ever been as comfortably cool as it was this year. 
  • Dairy enthusiast writes books on state’s creameries
    Milk bottles fill the basement shelves at John Cleland’s home in Indianapolis. The bottles ranging in sizes, shapes and designs represent countless dairies across Indiana, as well as out of state. 
  • Stewardship covers gloves to garbage disposal
    Applying farm chemicals, from fungicides to herbicides to pesticides, doesn’t require formal attire. But there is one ensemble that Bob Magee would prefer not to see. 
  • Researchers seek ways to boost soybean yields
    Researchers continue to search for ways to unlock the secret to higher soybean yields. “We’re trying various things, but we haven’t found the right key for that lock,” said Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois Extension crop production specialist and professor. 
  • Soybean fungus can be found in any field
    Septoria brown spot is a disease that can be easily found in soybean fields. “I can go out to any of your soybean fields and find this disease,” said Carl Bradley, University of Illinois Extension plant pathology specialist and associate professor. 
  • Ted Mottaz
    Week 12 of our growing season observations is basically more of the same. Corn and soybeans are still progressing very well. As I stated last week, I spent the past week in Washington, D.C., and I basically got this week’s update from one of my neighbors. 
  • Longtime 4-H leader keeps Fireflies soaring
    Mary Vaughan was just a few years removed from being a 4-H member herself when she got an offer she couldn’t refuse. 
  • Illinois Soybean Association marks 50th year
    The Illinois Soybean Association has been celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary during the last year and will officially commemorate the milestone July 31 with an evening reception in Champaign. 
  • Pilot program prioritizes infrastructure needs
    A commodity group is doing its part to help solve the state’s crumbling road and bridge infrastructure troubles. The Illinois Soybean Association has spearheaded an effort that hinges on engaging stakeholders to find real-world solutions. 
  • Wyffels brings economic, global outlook expertise to conference
    Has Wyffels Hybrids had its best year yet? Bill Wyffels Jr., company president and son of the seed corn company’s founders, said the past year has been successful, but with the next generation of Wyffels arriving, he hopes the best is yet to come. 

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