SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Behind the theme of “An Honest No-Till Education,” the 2014 National No-Tillage Conference will hit the Land of Lincoln for the first time in the conference’s history with four days of learning for cutting-edge farmers.

The 22nd annual event, scheduled Jan. 15-18 at the Springfield Hilton Hotel in downtown Springfield, will include 18 general session presentations, 29 classrooms and 78 roundtables.

The just-completed conference program, available at www.NoTillConference.com , offers 47 presentations shared by the most knowledgeable speakers from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Sharing the best no-till management practices and ideas to improve no-tillers’ bottom line, speakers include no-tillers, agronomists, consultants and university experts teeing up topics ranging from soil biology to precision ag to fertility management to cover cropping and much more. 

Following is a sample of topics and speakers:

* “The Impact Of Exceeding Fertility Maximum Loads And Missing Minimum Loads” — Neal Kinsey, a Charleston, Mo., ag consultant and author of Hands-On Agronomy , will help farmers find the right fertility balance by understanding the soil’s fertility needs and how soil life uses nutrients;

* “An In-Depth Look At Ways To Take Aim At 300-Bushel No-Till Corn” — The opening-evening general session will feature Wernersville, Pa., no-tiller David Wolfskill, who has raised 308-bushel corn in the National Corn Growers Association yield contest; no-till planter specialist Dave Dum of Binkley & Hurst in Lititz, Pa.; and Marion Calmer, no-tiller and head of Calmer Ag Research in Alpha, Ill.;

* The Thursday evening general session tackles pest control issues, including Kevin Bradley of the University of Missouri on “Resisting The Urge To Ignore Weed Resistance;” Murray State University chemistry expert Scott Brown on “Understanding The Impact Of Water On Glyphosate Effectiveness;” and U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service researcher Jonathan Lundgren on “Determining Whether You Can Move Away From Bt Corn And Other Pest Control Products;”

* The Friday morning general session zeroes in on soil health and biology as USDA-ARS microbiologist Kris Nichols shares “Managing No-Till Profits With Better Soil Biology,” and retired Natural Resources Conservation Service soils specialist and no-till consultant Frank Gibbs examines “Earthworms: The Key To Quality No-Till Soils;”

* Cover cropping grabs the spotlight in Thursday afternoon’s general session when cover-crop expert Dave Robison looks at “Reaping A Return On Your Investment Using Various Cover Crop Mixes” and no-tiller Matt VanTilburg of Celina, Ohio, discusses “How Cover Crops Helped The Transition To No-Till … And Unique Ways Of Seeding Them;”

* The Saturday general session will focus on no-till fertility, including Peter Kyveryga of the Iowa On-Farm Network on “Tools To Quantify Risk In Nitrogen Management,” and Western Illinois University soil specialist Joel Gruver on “Cover Cropping Practices That Enhance Soil Fertility;” and

* Numerous no-tillers will share years of field-proven best practices and ideas, including John Aeschliman, Colfax, Wash.; Sarah Singla, Lyon, France; Jim Leverich, Sparta, Wis.; Larry Krystkowski, Wellington, Ohio; Bob Bottens, Cambridge, Ill.; Eric Kaiser, Napanee, Ontario; Will Cannon, Newton, Iowa; John Bruihler, Rushford, Minn.; Dave Chance, Lebanon, Ind.; and Larry Tombaugh, Streator, Ill.

Darrell Bruggink, executive editor and publisher of No-Till Farmer and organizer of the conference, said both experienced no-tillers and farmers considering adopting no-tillage practices will get dozens of practical tips to use in their operations and be challenged to improve their no-till system. 

“We’ve increased the number of classrooms from 25 to 29 and upped total roundtables from 60 to 78 in an effort to give no-tillers the broadest educational experience possible,” he said. “Our goal is to help no-tillers identify actionable tactics to use on their farm and become energized for a new cropping year.” 

Registration is $299 per person, with a special $272 rate for additional farm or family members. For more information, phone (866) 839-8455 or visit www.notillconference.com.