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  • Precision technology on display
    Farmers can reduce the amount of corn kernels lost during combining with a new product from 360 Yield Center. The 360 Yield Saver was one of several products highlighted during a field day at Jenner Precision.
  • Yaks find home on range
    If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, the peaceful, shaggy creatures roaming the bucolic green pastures of Living Diamond Ranch resemble a bizarre, mutated cross of perhaps Scottish highland cattle and North American bison.
  • New program links specialists, farmers
    Farmers on the fence about what conservation practices are best for their farm now have new resources available to guide them.
  • Voluntary compliance needed to avoid nutrient mandates
    No matter where the heaviest nutrient loss contributors may be located, all farmers statewide are encouraged to meet the voluntary goals in the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.
  • Toy show plows ahead at Massac County Fair
    For 29 years running, the Massac County Farm Toy Show has been revving up big crowds with its miniature version of farm life.
  • Soy checkoff sets tone for profitability
    Together, the U.S. soybean industry can achieve more. That’s a key takeaway from the five-year plan the United Soybean Board has put further into motion.
  • Sensor sends texts of cows in labor
    University of New Hampshire dairy researchers are more relaxed these days about monitoring pregnant cows: A sensor attached to their tails sends text alerts to help detect when they’re in labor.
  • Research plot targets nitrogen loss
    Already working closely to build and expand the Illinois Valley Community College agriculture program, IVCC and the University of Illinois Extension are launching another partnership.
  • Good bloodlines: Raising mares, delivering foals
    The agriculture industry offers hundreds of careers and opportunities for individuals, including for those who have retired from other professions.
  • Mixed reviews for national food-labeling law
    Legislation establishing a federal labeling standard for foods with genetically modified ingredients was approved by Congress and awaits President Obama’s anticipated signature.
  • Hoof health for dairy herds
    The economic impact of lameness in dairy cattle can be significant. Lameness of dairy cows includes several costs, said Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois dairy specialist emeritus.
  • Economist: New demand needed to drive up prices
    Stick around for the next one. That was the advice of ag economist Dan Basse of AgResources Inc.
  • Plenty free to do at the Indiana State Fair
    When the Indiana State Fair comes to town, the AgriNews team gets excited. It’s quite possibly the most exciting two weeks of the year. There’s an abundance of food, interesting people to chat with and lots of stories to be told.
  • 5 reasons to feel good about farm fresh eggs
    Eggs are one of nature’s most perfect protein sources. That’s why the average American eats more than 260 eggs each year, according to the American Egg Board.
  • Illinois farmers spraying for weeds and insects
    Overall, a good week weather wise for much of Illinois with a few reports of wind damage to corn from severe weather midweek. Spraying for weeds and insects are the major field activities right now.

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