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  • Heading for finish line
    Wow, what a change a week makes. Add a little heat and sun and farmers pop up in fields just like the mushrooms this time of year. I hope you found some; I haven’t hardly had time to sneak off and look. 
  • Raising livestock challenges, rewards female farmer
    For Knox County farmer Monica Stevens, being a female farmer has plenty of challenges. Social life, for one. Dating, for another. “Socializing is hard. It’s hard to find someone who understands that a woman farms. I’ve dated guys who didn’t understand that, even if they farmed, too,” Stevens said. 
  • Active, engaged group of farmers benefits Knox County
    David Erickson has a good view from where he’s sitting. Right now, that would be in the office of his farm and the one he shares with wife Nancy, who runs a farm management business. 
  • Much to do
    As I type, a rain cloud seems to be hovering above us — hate to wish away rain, but maybe just save it back of I could. Late spring means everything needs done at once — prep and planting. 
  • Promoting ag education vital
    Every October, a group of 4-H members brings cookies — and a message — to the Knox County Board. “They’ll take five minutes to talk about why 4-H is important to them and then pass out cookies to the board members,” said David Erickson, vice president of the Illinois Farm Bureau. 
  • Spring's sights, smells
    It’s been a great week at the cattle barn. We have several new calves, one set of twins by a momma who has had twins six out of the last seven years. 
  • Mexico remains vital market for U.S. pork, beef
    Although the demand for U.S. meat exports remains strong the competition from other countries intensified. “The reality is the world is waking up to the growth in exports,” said Philip Seng, U.S. Meat Export Federation president and CEO. 
  • As crop prices fall, tech's value rises
    One of the first things that farmers may pull back on as crop prices edge lower is, ironically, one of the things that could help them save the most money. 
  • Illinois leads sustainable soybean production efforts
    As Illinois farmers, we are not only leaders in state soybean production, we are leaders in the conservation practices it takes to effectively manage that soybean production. 
  • Steps for maximizing soybean yields
    Growing soybeans requires more management today than 20 years ago due to earlier planting and increased disease and insect pressures. 
  • Decatur farm store sells baby chicks
    Lots of shops like to crow about how they’ve got cool stuff going cheap. But Blain’s Farm & Fleet store in Decatur flies right to the top of the pecking order: It sells baby chicks, and they go cheep pretty much all the time. 
  • River Valley Cooperative donates to Annawan project
    Several employees from River Valley Cooperative’s Annawan location were on hand to present a check to the village of Annawan for $5,000 toward the Howes Park Community Center Project on behalf of River Valley Cooperative and the Land O’Lakes Foundation. 
  • Interns named for Growmark program
    The Exploring Agriculture Intern program was developed by Growmark Inc. to help bridge the gap between students and faculty at the two-year community and technical college level and the Growmark system retail companies. 
  • ANBO unveils bucket rake
    The new BR-S Bucket Rake attaches quickly to most any standard bucket to create a tool for raking rocks and other debris using your existing bucket. This patent-pending innovation has been developed by ANBO Manufacturing for use on tractors, skid steers and other machines with buckets. 
  • Ex-pilot gets new view with natural livestock farming
    From 30,000 feet up, Bill and Bud probably appear as mere pinpoints on the central Illinois landscape. On the ground, the perspective changes. 

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