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  • Save a butterfly; plant milkweed
    Illinois officials are asking residents to help increase Monarch butterfly populations by planting and preserving milkweed. Scientists have noted the official state insect has been dwindling in numbers on its wintering grounds in Mexico since the 1990s. 
  • Acreage moves with favorable soybean margins
    Futures prices, crop insurance and the farm program are the catalysts driving toward more soybean acreage for 2014. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s planting intentions survey estimates a record 81.5 million soybeans acres this year.. 
  • Samuelson named to racing board
    Legendary farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson has been appointed to the Illinois Racing Board. The board regulates horse racing in the state, including issuing licenses, setting racing days and rules. 
  • Hog-feeding operations planned in Iowa
    The number of hog-feeding businesses in southeast Iowa could grow quickly if Des Moines County officials approve all the proposed projects. County officials are considering five different proposals to build animal-feeding operations that could hold up to 2,500 hogs. 
  • Lincoln funeral car being recreated
    To mark the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination next year, an Illinois man is constructing a full-size replica of the funeral train car that carried the president’s body from Washington, D.C., to his final resting place in Springfield.  
  • Tour gives farmers look at benefits of cover crops
    Adding cover crops to a farming operation is one of the more common practices chosen by farmers enrolling in the Conservation Stewardship Program. “For this program, you have to pick at least one new practice,” said Abby Merriman. 
  • Livestock farmers worry bill could hinder ability
    The space around Dereke Dunkirk is the point. When he stands outside the two wean-to-finish hog barns near his home farm, there’s open space. The nearest farm one can see with the naked eye is the farm where Dunkirk, wife Chelsea and their three children live. 
  • Farmer ‘accidently’ gets into grocery business
    The Pulaski General Store here is probably one of the few grocery stores in Illinois that is the result of an accident. Pulaski County farmer Jerry Thurston has a heavily diversified operation. He produces crops, vegetables and livestock on 1,800 acres. 
  • Pulaski County offers best grain prices in Midwest
    When it comes to selling grain, the price is right in Pulaski County. Adjacent river terminals operated by Consolidated Grain & Barge and Archer Daniels Midland typically offer the highest basis price for corn, soybeans and wheat. 
  • ‘Food morality’ movement knocking on farmhouse door
    For American farmers, food activism is hitting close to home. Farm advocate Kevin Murphy said that restaurant chains, churches and even food companies are undermining modern agriculture. 
  • Keep only cowherd records you plan to use
    Making better decisions with cowherd records is more important than tracking more numbers. “Your individual farm goal needs to be a part of this decision,” said Denise Schwab, Extension beef program specialist at Iowa State University. 
  • Using genomic tools gives cattlemen early selection benefits
    The goal is to rank animals based on their genetic merit as accurately and as early in the animal’s life as possible. “That’s where we can really take advantage of genomics in the cattle industry,” said Rod Shoenbine, cattle genetics specialist for Zoetis HD50K. 
  • After years of cuts, state ag agency awaits new budget
    The Illinois Department of Agriculture has seen its funding cut nearly 60 percent in five years, but could get some relief if Gov. Pat Quinn’s budget plan becomes reality.  
  • Macomb AgriScience Association reaches first fund goal
    Agriculture. It’s where the money is. Unfortunately for agriculture education programs in some Illinois public school districts, the opposite is true. 
  • IAW elects leaders, learns legislative tips
    Members of the Illinois Agri-Women elected officers, conducted business and learned about the legislative process during the group’s annual meeting. 

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