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  • More parents choosing organic food for kids
    A growing number of parents nationwide agree that organic food is the healthiest choice for the meals they serve their children, according to a new study by the Organic Trade Association. 
  • Genetically modified foods confuse consumers
    Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most people in the U.S. have no idea if they are eating them. The Food and Drug Administration says such foods don’t need to be labeled, so some states are moving forward on their own. 
  • Working together for safety in agriculture
    A secure, healthy food supply is everyone’s business, and so is the safety of farmers and farm workers. The U.S.-based International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health urges consumers and everyone involved in agriculture to recognize National Farm Safety and Health Week. 
  • Bears dominate USDA corn, soybean reports
    Big crops are getting bigger, and traders expect further increases was the message delivered after two agriculture reports were released recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
  • Food label changes not enough, health officials say
    Nutrition facts labels on food packages list ingredients and nutrient levels, but they don’t tell consumers outright if a food is good for them. 
  • TrueHarvest program helps farmers net top yields
    The American Soybean Association and FarmLink are teaming up to help farmers close the $11 billion gap between what they harvested in 2013 and what they could harvest annually. 
  • Illinois ag director’s scope crosses state lines
    Illinois Director of Agriculture Bob Flider has discovered that his job entails working with the federal government nearly as much as the one within his own state. 
  • USDA predicts “I” state records shattered
    he “I” states, along with the nation, are set to establish new corn and soybean production records, the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected in it most recent report. 
  • Ag balance sheet reflects record production
    Corn and soybean ending stocks continued an upward trend as price projections went the opposite direction in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s world supply and demand report. 
  • ‘Porktastic’ outlook for U.S. swine industry
    Ron Plain has seen some cycles in the U.S. pork industry, from the darkest days of the late 1990s to the more positive cycles, when the ink was black. 
  • First lady bucks GOP on school lunch rules
    First ladies typically avoid getting into public scraps, but Michelle Obama has jumped into perhaps her biggest battle yet. 
  • ‘Fresh’ campaign in high gear
    Television advertising, billboards and social media outlets across the state are promoting “Illinois: Where Fresh Is.” 
  • Frozen food industry seeks to heat up sales
    Frozen food makers have launched their first national TV ad in defense of their products as the category fights to boost slipping sales. 
  • Lawsuits challenge drone rules
    Model aircraft hobbyists, research universities and commercial drone interests filed lawsuits challenging a government directive that they say imposes tough new limits on the use of model aircraft and broadens the agency’s ban on commercial drone flights. 
  • ‘Ag-gag’ laws challenged in court
    The years-long fight between farm organizations and animal rights activists over laws prohibiting secretly filmed documentation of animal abuse is moving from state legislatures to federal courts as laws in Utah and Idaho face constitutional challenges. 

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