At a recent media event, Case IH representatives highlighted a long list of new features on a variety of equipment that will be available to farmers for the 2014 growing season.

The company has made a $60 million investment in the new Combine Header Center of Excellence facility in Burlington, Iowa, and evidence of this was obvious during the event.

Farmers will be able to move from field to field faster with two new features of Case IH equipment. One option is a 12-row folding corn head, and the second is a draper head with a slow-speed transport package that can be deployed from the cab of the combine.

“To deploy the transport package, the operator lifts the head completely up, and the wheels hydraulically unfold and move under the head,” said Kelly Kravig, Case IH marketing manager. “Then he attaches the tongue to the head and can either pull the head with the combine or another vehicle.”

This transport package eliminates the need for a header cart, and the head can be towed up to 25 mph. It takes about 10 minutes to unhook the head and be ready for transport.

For the folding corn head, six rows of the head remain in the same position, and six rows are folded up. The folding procedure also is completed from the cab of the combine, and the snouts are designed at the pivoting point to move the hoods up so there is clearance to fold them.

As farmers continue to manage more and more acres, I think they really are going to appreciate the ease of operation and the speed these new innovations will bring to the harvesting process.

For livestock producers, Case IH has added nine livestock specialists that are out working with customers to assure customer satisfaction. And, in the last three years, the company has introduced 11 new hay and forage products.

The new WD3 series windrowers feature a factory-installed auto-guidance system.

“This is the first windrower from the factory with installed precision farming components,” said Zach Hetterick, Case IH livestock marketing manager.

The auto-guidance will be run with the AFS Pro 700 monitor that is common across all product lines from combines to Magnum tractors to windrowers.

The Case IH DC3 series disc mower conditioners are available in 13- and 16-foot cut widths and, they have an all-new large disc cutterbar system, which features discs that do a nicer job for cut quality.

“The cleaner cut is designed to make sure you get all the crop from your field into the windrow,” said Brett DeVries, Case IH marketing manager.

“We have the widest conditioning rolls in the industry at 125 inches,” he noted. “So we are able to condition the crop more thoroughly, more evenly and it improves the dry down.”

The new RB565 round baler produces a 5-by-6 bale, and it has 20 percent more capacity, as well as more reliability with a new pick-up. A key component is the new rotor system that directly feeds material from the pick-up to the bale chamber.

“There’s no hesitation for the crop,” the marketing manager noted. “It’s a direct feed system.”

These are just a few of the highlights of the new Case IH equipment for 2014 — a lot of new features aimed to help farmers improve their efficiency with more capacity, add reliability and make the equipment more user-friendly.