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  • Experts address Indiana drug addiction
    It doesn’t matter if you live in rural or urban areas of Indiana. Drug addictions extend beyond city limits and can be found in the smallest of neighborhoods.
  • Police, communities need to connect
    Doug Carter, superintendent of Indiana State Police, has witnessed alarming events over the course of his career as a police officer.
  • Indiana celebrates Bison-tennial
    Painting a life-sized bison sculpture may seem like a hefty job, but artists LaDonna Vohar and Lorie Ehrlich Amick are taking on the challenge.
  • Indiana first lady’s paintings help brighten state fair
    The recent renaming of a building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center provided the perfect opportunity for Indiana’s first lady to display a trio of her watercolor prints.
  • Spring planting begins in Indiana
    A warm stretch of weather made soil conditions ideal for planting corn and soybeans, according to Greg Matli, Indiana state statistician for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service
  • 12 steps to planting a tree
    Choosing a tree to plant may sound like a simple decision, but a lot of factors can go into the process. Planning what type of tree to plant, where to plant it and evaluating potential disease issues can involve a lot of time.
  • Pruning ground rules
    When it comes to pruning trees, it’s easier to start when the plant is newly established. The more formative pruning done to a tree, the less work it will require later on.
  • What’s the Derby without mint juleps?
    Kentucky Derby Weekend is kind of like the ritual of making of spring’s first mint julep for me.
  • Farmer balances farming and welding
    When equipment breaks down on the farm during planting or harvest season, a farmer can lose valuable time waiting for someone to come out and repair it.
  • Financial decisions spring from calendar
    Selecting bookkeeping tools for beginning small farmers can be as overwhelming as picking a single item out of a seed catalog.
  • Accurate seed placement drives uniform emergence
    Accurate placement of seed with a grain drill results in uniform emergence of the crop. “Our drills are very methodical about putting seed in the ground as perfectly as possible,” said Tom Evans, agronomic development manager for Great Plains Manufacturing.
  • Grain drill used to plant no-till soybeans
    Tom Elsberry switched to a no-till system for planting his soybeans more than two decades ago. Elsberry raises about half corn and half soybeans on 1,200 acres in Edgar County in east-central Illinois.
  • Sending grain across the globe
    Steve Walters seems to have one foot firmly planted on land while the other steps into the Kaskaskia River — well, almost.
  • Thanks, Mom, for everything
    Throughout the year there are special days set aside to celebrate a variety of holidays, whether it be Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or Columbus Day. One of those holidays is coming up this weekend as individuals prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day and the special woman who made them who they are today.
  • What is the Purdue Climate Change Research Center?
    The Purdue Climate Change Research Center’s mission is to increase scientific and public understanding of the causes and impacts of climate change.

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