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  • Setting new ag teachers up for success
    When Hannah Goeb and Nikki Love have questions in their classrooms, they know that help is just a phone call or email away. Goeb and Love are both first-year agriculture teachers participating in Coaching for Beginning Agriculture Teachers, a statewide mentor program. 
  • Junior National Show gets ready for close-up
    Participants in this year’s World Pork Expo National Swine Registry swine show and the World Pork Expo Junior National should get ready for their close-up. For the first time, portions of the two swine shows are going to be available through a webcast. 
  • PORK Academy tackles business, health topics
    What happens next? That’s the question that will be answered by seminars and sessions at the 2015 World Pork Expo. “To me, the most important activity for pork producers at World Pork Expo is the educational seminars,” said Ron Prestage, National Pork Producers Council president. 
  • Biodiesel's role in pork production to be highlighted
    How and why biodiesel plays a vital role in the U.S. swine industry will be explained at a new business seminar at the World Pork Expo. “We want to explain how the livestock sector is an important stakeholder and how the industries are co-benefiting,” said J. Alan Weber, founding partner of MARC-IV. 
  • Will corn ever go below $3 again?
    Dan Manternach has good news for farmers concerned about the recent dip in grain prices. He believes we are at the low end of a new price structure, which means prices will certainly rise again. 
  • Traders react to USDA reports
    The powerful commodities market turned its focus toward those tiny seedlings sprouting across the nation’s farmland as the latest world supply and demand estimates included new crop production projections. 
  • Rain slows progress across parts of Indiana
    A late spring has delayed planting for some farmers across Indiana. Clay Geyer, a farmer from Bremen, is waiting for clear skies to get back in the fields. 
  • Wheat supply grows despite more usage
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects winter wheat production up 7 percent from last year and year-end stocks to reach the highest level in five years. Winter wheat production is forecast at 1.47 billion bushels, up from nearly 1.378 from 2014. 
  • Soybean slowdown
    It’s hard for me to complain about the showers we received followed by above-normal temperatures. I would guess that corn is well over 90 percent planted in my area, and the stands look great. Last week’s warm moist weather was just what the doctor ordered for the corn. 
  • Celebrate 'Napa Valley of Midwest' with newspaper
    AgriNews is celebrating Hoosier grapes and wine with our “Winery of the Month” series. This series really hits home for me. As a big fan of wine and advocate for local businesses, I couldn’t wait to visit some of Indiana’s finest vineyards. 
  • Anti-frost fans at blueberry farm irk neighbors
    In the wee hours of a cold morning in mid-March, residents in the Jerome Prairie and Wilderville areas west of Grants Pass got a rude awakening. 
  • Rained out
    Corn planting is done for many. However, I have had a chance since it’s been raining to drive around, and we are far from all planted as far as corn in this area. I have talked to several guys that still have two days of planting corn to go. 
  • Less corn now needed to make gallon of ethanol
    U.S. ethanol production reached record levels last year while using fewer bushels of corn to produce a gallon of the fuel. 
  • Apply now for Ag Leadership Program
    Agriculture is vitally important to Indiana’s economic, political, cultural and social landscape. Developing and inspiring leaders to effectively serve across the broad spectrum of industry segments at the many different levels is pivotal to advancing agriculture for today and tomorrow. 
  • Rain welcomed
    All our corn is up, which is also the case throughout our area. The vast majority of the soybean crop has been planted, too, and much of it has emerged. 

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