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  • Feed usage, Ukraine bullish for U.S. corn
    A sharp increase in corn exports took the commodity market by surprise when the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its monthly balance sheet April 9. 
  • Event ushers in spring season with learning
    This year’s Spring Fest, a Purdue University tradition that shows “the lighter side of learning,” was a hit. Sunny skies and warm weather were the backdrop for the event. 
  • Corn, soybean export locomotive rolls on
    Strong demand for U.S. corn and record soybean sales continue to move ending stocks projections downward and increase price forecasts. 
  • Students get hands-on education with livestock
    A good education is the first step toward a career in the agricultural industry. The Animal Sciences Department at Purdue University houses more than 600 undergraduates who want to learn, study and research pressing issues.  
  • Indiana officials address virus striking young pigs
    Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus continues to affect swine producers across the country, including Indiana. As of April 9, 46 Indiana counties reported having active cases of PEDV. According to the National Pork Board, PEDV is caused by a virus that affects only pigs. 
  • State board targets traceability, interstate shipment program
    Many topics, including a proposed identification program, were discussed at the Indiana Board of Animal Health’s quarterly meeting April 10. The board is proposing rule changes to livestock identification to align with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Disease Traceability program. 
  • Feeling less pain at grocery store?
    Grocery prices are down slightly from a year ago and remain almost unchanged from last fall, shows Indiana Farm Bureau’s semi-annual “market basket” survey. 
  • Former brewery becomes organic farm
    The former Hamm’s brewery complex in east St. Paul has been transformed into an urban farm, the home to thousands of tilapia and racks of leafy green vegetables. 
  • Indiana farmland goes for $9,482 an acre
    More than 800 acres of prime farmland in Delaware County sold during open bidding on April 8 for $7.9 million. John Paugh, CEO of an Anderson trucking company, outbid a group of five other bidders for the 14 tracts in western Delaware County. 
  • New hope for Indiana wetlands restoration
    The rains have created a small, watery refuge for a dozen visitors on a portion of farmland next to the Kankakee Sands restoration project in Newton County. 
  • Indiana gets $17 million in wildlife funding
    The state of Indiana is receiving $17 million from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for conservation and recreation projects. The money comes from excise taxes on fishermen, hunters and boaters. 
  • Mill offers market for wool, bison hair
    Inside a white metal building in a northern Minnesota industrial park sit some of Stephanie Anderson’s prized possessions: several old refurbished pieces of machinery that produce 100 pounds of yarn a day. 
  • Study to measure gravity’s effects on plant cells in space
    A Purdue University experiment that will test how plant cells sense and respond to different levels of gravity was scheduled to launch aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla. 
  • Analysts: Many factors to affect grain sales
    Transportation difficulties, increased ethanol production, weather and Chinese demand will have an effect on short-term grain and soybean sales, brokers at Montana’s Grain Hedge say. 
  • Forecaster predicts major weather events this year
    Though Illinois has been inundated with rainfall this year, drought likely will be a major factor in this year’s crop season, an agricultural meteorologist believes. 

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