How did it get so dry so quickly? Last week’s blast furnace-type heat evaporated plenty of water. The 30 mph winds last Friday took a lot out of the corn crop. We are irrigating nonstop now, trying to keep the crop alive. I recorded zero inches of rain for the week, leaving the monthly total at 2 inches. Rain is in the forecast, so let’s see what happens.

I looked at some soybeans the other day, and they were in the beginning stages of R3. R3 is when there is a three-sixteenth of an inch pod at any one of the first four nodes at the top of the plant. We will start spraying our soybean seed production fields this week with more liquid manganese and an insecticide/fungicide mix. Our seed corn production will also get an insecticide/fungicide application this week. Detasseling is going fairly smooth this year, but still is a very stressful job.

I hope to start walking cornfields now that pollination is in full swing. This activity helps me know the corn hybrids that I’m selling next year. I walk a lot of research plots, as well, looking for the next “stud” corn hybrid. Soybean plots will be ready for observation in August when pods are plentiful. Keep scouting — you never know what you will find.