INDIANAPOLIS — If an individual finds themselves having trouble answering the age-old question of what’s for dinner, they should participate in the Indiana’s Family of Farmers’ Recipe Trail.

Rob Ziegler, communications director with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, noted the recipe trail takes place during the state fair and is one way that the IFoF works on educating the general public about Hoosier agriculture and the people and the organizations which make it up.

There are multiple Indiana agricultural commodity groups that participate, he added, and this year’s trail will feature 10 recipes, which is two more than last year’s project.

Fairgoers can start at any of the locations since there is no particular order that they must travel around the fairgrounds to collect the recipes, Ziegler explained.

He added the IFoF hopes once fairgoers have reached the location to collect a recipe that they look at other agricultural information and interactive exhibits on display. “Each recipe stop has a bio on an Indiana farm family and a pairing for an Indiana wine,” he said.

The communications director, who also is a member of the IFoF through the ISDA, noted that projects such as the recipe trail are important in the ongoing effort to educate consumers about agriculture.

“Even in a heavy ag state like Indiana, many people still don’t know where there food comes from,” he said.

The program will be open throughout the entire state fair, Aug. 2-18.

Another important aspect of the Indiana’s Family of Farmers’ Recipe Trail, Ziegler noted, is that the organization will donate one pound of food to Feeding Indiana’s Hungry for every person who completes the entire trail.

FIsH is the statewide group that represents food banks and pantries and helps distribute donated items.

Ziegler said that the IFoF goal for this year is to donate 3,500 pounds of food, which would be equivalent to 3,500 people participating in the recipe trail and learning more about Hoosier agriculture. Last year, he noted, more than 3,000 fairgoers visited each of the locations and completed the trail.

Also for those individuals who complete the quest, they will receive a small prize and be entered in the drawing for the big prize, which is a chest freezer, Ziegler added.

The following is a list of locations where fairgoers can find one of the 10 recipes on this year’s trail:

* Exposition Hall, Rose Acre Farms, booths 526 and 527 on the southwest side of the building;

* Ball State Ag/Hort Building, World’s Largest Popcorn Ball;

* DuPont Food Pavilion, three stops — Indiana Wine Grape Council, Indiana Dairy, Purdue University;

* Habitat for Humanity Ag House;

* Indiana Farm Bureau Building;

* Glass Barn;

* Normandy Barn; and

* Pathway to Water Quality.

More information about the recipe trail can be found at