INDIANAPOLIS — Proper understanding of farm equipment and machinery is key to ensuring safety on an agricultural operation.

To help make sure the youth learn good farm practices at an early age, Purdue University’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program is holding “Safe Grain Storage and Handling for Youth and Beginning Workers” throughout the state.

The next event is scheduled Oct. 16 at the FFA Leadership Center in Trafalgar.

The training event will be targeted toward those children who are involved with working around their family farm’s grain bins, FFA members and youth and beginning workers in the commercial grain industry.

“A lot of young individuals are getting trapped in grain bins,” said Purdue Extension safety specialist Bill Field.

The all-day safety workshop will focus on preparing students to work in the grain industry.

“They may not work there, but they have to go and be around grain at home,” Field said.

The workshop will provide eight hours of training requirements for any young individual who goes to work at a grain operation.

“There were five to six fatalities in young workers last year, and they had almost zero instruction,” Field said.

He added that the incidents occurred when individuals with no prior instruction on how to work in the grain industry were either cleaning the grain bins and an avalanche of grain fell on them or they became caught in an auger.

Every participant will receive eight hours of instructional training, a certificate of attendance and basic protective equipment, including hard hats.