Huber Winery and Orchard has been hosting weddings since the 1990s. But its history as a family farm goes back much further, to 1843. The farm’s heritage is seven generations deep and still is thriving today.
Huber Winery and Orchard has been hosting weddings since the 1990s. But its history as a family farm goes back much further, to 1843. The farm’s heritage is seven generations deep and still is thriving today.
BORDEN, Ind. — Huber Winery and Orchard is no stranger to the world of weddings. With a banquet hall that can hold 1,200 guests, an outdoor space for ceremonies and more than 500 acres of scenery, it serves as a destination venue for couples near and far.

Dana Huber, vice president of the winery, has seen the wedding side of the family business grow from a few casual, lakeside weddings to a popular establishment that is booked 18 to 24 months in advance.

“It’s a destination and home for our brides,” she said. “Many of our brides came here as little girls, and they picked strawberries with their parents. They went out and got a pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch. For them, this place holds special memories.

“Several of them have been proposed to on our patio when they came to the winery. It really brings them home to a place where they remember having lots of great family moments, here on the farm.”

Originally ceremonies were held lakeside, but after a few years of moving chairs to and from the lake, the Hubers decided to build a new space. Now, most brides opt to hold their ceremony in the pergola, an outdoor area with a view of the farm.

Plantation Hall houses the wedding receptions. It features a walk-up bar, wooden dance floor and plenty of room to accommodate large events.

“Our reception hall is very flexible,” Huber said. “It consists of three rooms, which can be one large room or it can be separated out, and we can have two weddings or special events at the same time. I would say it’s one of the largest, if not the largest, venue in southern Indiana that can seat that many people.”

The winery allows brides to choose any photographer, DJ or vendor they like with one exception — the caterer.

“Catering is one of our top reasons that people book our facility over others,” Huber said. “We’re farming, and we’re farming each and every day. We’re able to use those products in all of our catering here. We have a full-time team, a chef and individuals that cook all of the menu that we serve here in the facility.

“We are in control of when the food comes out, when it’s cooked and how fresh it is.”

Combined with a bridal suite for the girls to get ready in the morning of the wedding, the winery offers a complete package experience for couples.

The small-town charm even attracted a special visitor who held her wedding at the winery this year. She brought with her 20 cameras and a TV crew to capture the moment.

“A few weeks ago, we had a bride from Jeffersonville, Ind., who was actually the winner of TLC’s ‘Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker,’” Huber noted. “She was married here and had her ceremony and reception here. She brought her entire team, 20 cameras from ‘Cake Boss,’ and the cake was created from the team on the set.”

Whether the bride is a reality TV star or a farm girl, the venue is accommodating to an array of styles and preferences.

“We have seen it all,” Huber said. “The great thing about our venue is we really listen to the bride and her family. Our facility has a unique ability to be dressed up or dressed down and casual as you need it to be. I’d say the most popular style is a casual and fun atmosphere where guests are allowed to sit wherever they’d like to.”

Visiting a wedding venue before making a deposit is critical, Huber said. She also advised brides to find a place that captures their personality and to enjoy the planning process while it lasts.

“Our best advice for brides planning their wedding would be to actually visit and book your venue 18 months out, if you can,” she said.

“Another thing I really enjoy about what we’re able to coordinate is the services that we provide, helping a bride find all of those things that they need to do. We help in that planning process, help them go through a checklist so they don’t forget things.”

Along with the winery, the site has a farmers market, a country restaurant and fields of U-pick berries, grape vines and vegetables. For more information or to learn about booking a wedding, check out