We got back from Colorado on Sunday. The crops along the way had grown quite a bit, but all the problem spots were still there. Nebraska could use some rain. Pivots were running full force across the state. We stopped for gas in central Nebraska, and the station attendant said it had been a month since they had a soaking rain.

Back home, we continue to stay wet. We received 1 inch of rain for the week in three different showers. We need some sunshine. It has been partly cloudy for quite some time. Corn has grown and looks good where it is not yellow and drowned out. Soybeans are starting to look better, but still need sunshine and some drier weather. We still have muck beans that need to be sprayed.

We have not cut our seed wheat yet. Maybe at the end of this coming week we can get it done and also bale the straw. Double-crop beans might not get planted this year around here. Seed corn is getting close to detasseling, maybe in 10 days or so.