Our seed corn crop is off to an excellent start. That’s a good thing for our family-owned seed company, Wyckoff Hybrids. For the last 82 years, we have planted a seed corn crop here in Porter County. It’s a great place to grow seed because Lake Michigan can help moderate temperatures and sometimes bring much a much-needed rain shower.

Two weeks ago, we had 3.65 inches of rain in four days. Last week, we received 1.4 inches in about 20 minutes. The rains have come very fast and hard lately. I’ll probably talk about the weather a lot over the next couple of months — I love weather!

I farm and operate the seed business with my dad, uncle, two brothers and two cousins. Over the last few years, we have also hired two seed salesmen. I am married to my wonderful and understanding wife, Janel. We have five kids, 10 years old down to 2.

It has been very busy with planting, sidedressing and going to kids’ summer baseball games. My dad still has a summer full of spraying to do. It seems like he has to live in the sprayer all summer because of the extra crop management we do nowadays. Remember to scout early and often.