It seems incredible that we are having such a hard time trying to get the wheat harvested due to the cool, wet weather in the single digits of July. I believe the weatherman said the last time our area had a stretch of weather like this in July was in 1968. And I can honestly say I do not remember it. You can insert your “young pup” jokes here, please!

The Fourth of July afforded the guys the ability to get the second wheat field harvested. It made 83 bushels per acre at 17 percent moisture. The straw was left in nice, big windrows to be square-baled by our friend, Bill Richardson, for himself and other folks, with the remainder to be left and round-baled by some friends from Michigan. With the lingering moisture and some pop-up showers, the baling ended up taking place on July 7 and 8. The double-crop beans were drilled on July 8, and they shouldn’t have any trouble each finding the moisture to swell and burst forth cotyledons.

Friends from Michigan round-baling, you say? Yes, and I am glad they are. We don’t have livestock. In fact, with the exception of small, isolated herds here and there, livestock are just not abundant in the area. It’s such a shame to just chop all that beautiful, clean, golden straw behind the combine when it can be baled and used for bedding. So bedding for Michigan dairy cows was made today — it may be so great they will start their own commercials about happy cows being from Michigan, and it’s all because of the good night’s sleep they get on their sweet Illinois straw. It could happen.

Sprayers of all shapes and sizes are out and about in the bean fields, trying to get a handle on the thriving weeds. Not only are they in the fields, weeds are creeping up along the roadsides again and around every imaginable post, fence and whatnot in the yard where the lawnmower can’t reach. Bart prefers liquid weed-eating to the “idiot stick,” as he refers to it. Either way, it needs to be done again, Sweetie.

Emerald green and reaching skyward describes the corn. All the area fields are pre-tassel. However, with the plentiful moisture and upper 80-degree weather predicted over the next couple days, it surely won’t be long now.

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