Well, it’s a good day here, even though it’s rainy — the Chicago Blackhawks are bringing home the Stanley Cup. What a great game they played. I guess it’s our turn to get wet. It has been raining everyday for a week. We are at 4 inches as of June 25. Nothing seems to be flooded yet. It has come down slow enough. There has been some isolated hail, but nothing too serious. We are in need of some good sunny days.

I would say 90 percent of the corn around has shaded the rows completely. It’s growing so fast. Wheat in the area is slowly starting to change. I’d say we are about three weeks away from harvest. I’ve seen some wind damage to some, but it shouldn’t hurt it at this point.

Soybeans look good, also. They are coming along well. Can’t really tell much difference between 30-inch to 7.5-inch row spacing. Both are growing at about the same pace.