Temperatures have moderated, which has felt great, but has slowed crop development dramatically. Sunday night, I went to check on an irrigator, and it felt and smelled like early September. I even had my heater on low to keep my legs warm while wearing shorts. We need some moderate heat, sunshine and some rain to get this crop to maturity.

For the week, we received 0.01 inches of rain. July rainfall now totals 2.01 inches. As of Sunday night, it has been 19 days without a soaking rain. The moderate temperatures have helped keep the crops around here from falling apart. I wrote earlier about the month of June being excessively wet and the rains shutting off in July. I guess we can add 2013 to the list. We are praying that timely August rains come soon.

We should wrap up detasseling this week. I need to stay away from the seed corn fields for a week or two before I start checking seed set. I end up going crazy when I start pulling ears too early. Normally, it’s somewhat hard to feel and see pollinated kernels on inbred ears. Checking pollination on commercial corn is much easier due to the higher pollen shed. I have noticed some gray leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight in corn-after-corn fields and seed corn production fields. Fungicide is a must to protect yield on those acres.