ST. FRANCISVILLE, Ill. — An expansion of its 2014-2015 sales campaign was announced by AgriGold.

With a long history of growth and development across the corn-growing regions of the U.S., AgriGold, as a member of the AgReliant Genetics LLC family, continue to invest in both – adding 11 new positions to the brand.

Planned additions include western agronomy team manager, additional regional sales manager in Illinois, seven corn specialists across the Corn Belt, a regional sales agronomist for Kansas and a customer service representative.

All the new positions will give customers the additional support needed to increase overall farm yields.

With the addition of the new personnel and the support from ownership, AgriGold is confident that its vision for growth is clearer and more direct than ever before.

“There has never been a more exciting time for AgriGold than now. Between our people, products and growth, I am confident we have a solution for every corn acre,” said John Kermicle, general manager.

The company has produced and sold hybrid seed corn since 1936.