PHILADELPHIA — Because in-the-bag seed protection only works when pests take a bite, season-long damage is done before target insects are controlled.

This season, corn growers can take a proactive approach to maximizing germination and save $5,000 on startup costs when they create a zone of protection with Capture LFR insecticide by FMC Agricultural Solutions.

“By the time in-the-bag treatments impact insects, the physical damage and pathogen spread is already done,” said David Wheeler, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America technical business manager. “We want to help growers get outfitted to see for themselves the value of optimized seed protection, which is what Capture LFR gives you — corn rootworm and seedling pest control without the injury.”

Growers now can sign up at to participate in the Capture LFR Equipment Voucher Giveaway.

The first 50 eligible growers to sign up and submit proof of purchase for 40 gallons or more of Capture LFR insecticide will receive a $5,000 voucher toward a new in-furrow liquid application system.

Vouchers can be redeemed with participating equipment suppliers: SureFire Ag Systems; Ohio Valley Ag; AgXcel; Sprayer Specialties Inc.; or C&R Supply.

Growers who have previously participated in the Capture LFR Equipment Partner Bonus Program are not eligible to receive a voucher.

To verify eligibility, growers must submit contact information, agree to the giveaway rules and regulations and answer five basic questions about their use of at-plant fertilizer and crop protection products.

“Unlocking the full potential of each seed is critical. That’s why we want to help growers experience the zone of protection,” said Adam Prestegord, FMC Agricultural Solutions North America product manager. “Capture LFR helps seeds and roots perform by stopping insect damage before it happens.”

Applied in-furrow during planting, Capture LFR insecticide mixes easily with pop-up fertilizers for one-pass growth optimization and rate adjustable protection from corn rootworm, wireworms, cutworms, armyworms, grubs, seed corn maggots, common stalk borers and others.

Controlling seed damage promotes improved stand and stronger roots for season-long performance and increased yield potential.