Harvest has started to get wrapped up here around my area. That being said, there are still some crops in the fields, but a lot of farmers, large and small, have completed their harvest. Most farmers that had double-crop beans still have them to do. We received around 2 inches of rain last week that stopped progress for a while, but by Monday or Tuesday most were back in the fields.

Lots of tillage is taking place, including both ripping and chiseling cornstalks, and I have seen a lot of inline ripping bean ground, too. Farmers or fertilizer dealers that strip-till are getting rolling, as well. Lots of lime and other dry fertilizers are being spread, as well. Folks with livestock have been spreading manure.

Some of the corn that is still in the fields, I guess, is sort of wet yet, which has slowed down progress for those folks. The wheat crop appears to be doing very well, in my opinion. I feel, all in all, that we have had a good year. Some crops did turn out better than others, but for the summer we had, I think we were lucky to get as much as we did.

I have enjoyed sharing my view of what has been going on this season with all of you. I hope everyone is successful in getting things wrapped up in the next few weeks. Stay safe.