Fields have turned wet this past week. We received 2.65 inches of rain over two days and another four-tenths from lake-effect showers. The ground is saturated, and I hate running equipment across wet ground.

We have been no-tilling our corn and beans for many years, which helps keep our soil firm at the surface, allowing us to pick corn in almost any condition. We are done harvesting our seed corn crop, and all the soybeans are harvested, except for the double-crop beans. We will have to wait for a dry week to get those out.

Corn plot results continue to come in, and we are doing very well against the competition. Hybrid performance in our fields has been outstanding. We are seeing what these new genetics are bringing to the table — lots of top-end yield punch. Keep an eye out for the Purdue Crop Performance trials. Our Wyckoff varieties have been doing very well across the state. Have a great week.