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  • Heading for finish line
    Wow, what a change a week makes. Add a little heat and sun and farmers pop up in fields just like the mushrooms this time of year. I hope you found some; I haven’t hardly had time to sneak off and look. 
  • Much to do
    As I type, a rain cloud seems to be hovering above us — hate to wish away rain, but maybe just save it back of I could. Late spring means everything needs done at once — prep and planting. 
  • Spring's sights, smells
    It’s been a great week at the cattle barn. We have several new calves, one set of twins by a momma who has had twins six out of the last seven years. 
  • Illinois leads sustainable soybean production efforts
    As Illinois farmers, we are not only leaders in state soybean production, we are leaders in the conservation practices it takes to effectively manage that soybean production. 
  • Steps for maximizing soybean yields
    Growing soybeans requires more management today than 20 years ago due to earlier planting and increased disease and insect pressures. 
  • Soybean slowdown
    It’s hard for me to complain about the showers we received followed by above-normal temperatures. I would guess that corn is well over 90 percent planted in my area, and the stands look great. Last week’s warm moist weather was just what the doctor ordered for the corn. 
  • Rained out
    Corn planting is done for many. However, I have had a chance since it’s been raining to drive around, and we are far from all planted as far as corn in this area. I have talked to several guys that still have two days of planting corn to go. 
  • Rain welcomed
    All our corn is up, which is also the case throughout our area. The vast majority of the soybean crop has been planted, too, and much of it has emerged. 
  • Planting gains
    The majority of producers has finished corn and is planting some bean acres. There has been a lot of corn emergence this past week with stand looking relatively well unless some low-lying areas end up drowning out from all the rain. 
  • Upgrade and expand our transportation infrastructure
    It is no secret that our nation’s transportation infrastructure is in a state of disrepair. 

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