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  • Farmland assessments changed, again
    For the second year in a row, the Indiana General Assembly made major changes to the farmland assessment formula. This time it probably will deliver actual property tax cuts for farmland owners — and tax increases for everyone else.
  • USDA microloans can make farm dreams come true
    Access to reliable credit has been an important issue for farmers long before President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Farm Loan Act back in 1916.
  • Check soils for micronutrients
    When accounting for the broad range of factors that can affect yield potential, it’s extremely important to evaluate the soil’s micronutrient profile — that mix of seven essential minerals growers can often overlook while making more conventional NPK fertility decisions.
  • Consider residue breakdown and mineralization
    To optimize corn production, producers should today pay close attention to carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and mineralization, as they manage soil nutrients in the spring and fall.
  • Balance serves both sides
    It is not the job of an ag news broadcaster or journalist to be an “advocate.” A news reporter — ag or otherwise — who advocates for anything isn’t a very good reporter.
  • Global trappings at restaurant show
    I’m heading into my third day with my global visit to the National Restaurant Association’s annual show in Chicago. I never expected the massive cultural clash that is happening under McCormick Place’s acres of exhibit halls.
  • Ag’s passion for conservation evident
    Throughout the years, while I was both writing and teaching, I have had the pleasure of meeting several individuals and groups that are involved in the agriculture industry in a variety of sectors.
  • To gain experience, and more — volunteer
    A lot of times people have trouble finding jobs because they need experience before they can get hired. But they need the job for experience.
  • Hazards of farming span generations
    Farm safety is always at the forefront, particularly during planting, and it brings to mind a tragic event that occurred in my family 98 years ago.
  • Eagles refuse to sit for photo shoot
    Put a new camera in my hands and all I’ll want to do is take pictures. That’s what my husband says these days. I told him that’s how I feel about his addictive viewing of baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, sand volleyball, curling or whatever televised sport he can find.

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