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  • Corn market waits on summer weather
    From the daily high on March 30 to the daily low on April 1, May 2016 futures prices declined by $0.20. The decline reflected the larger than expected planting intentions reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on March 31 and followed a month-long modest price rally.
  • Grow ingredients for salsa
    There is nothing like a fresh salsa and tortilla chips summer snack. Fresh salsa is also called pico de gallo and is comprised mainly of tomatoes, peppers, onion and cilantro. Almost all the ingredients can be grown right in your own backyard or on your patio.
  • Plant seeds of opportunity
    This year, many farmers are looking for opportunities, whether that means taking on more custom work, starting a side business or trying to rent additional acres. New opportunities can make a big difference as you strengthen and diversify your operation.
  • Supporting ag careers
    An integral component of an effective pipeline of talent for the agricultural industry is education at all levels, primarily aimed at reaching the youth who will drive innovation.
  • Grads need our help
    High school and college graduations are just weeks away. It is a bittersweet time for parents who soon will see their children go off into the world to make their own way.
  • What’s the Derby without mint juleps?
    Kentucky Derby Weekend is kind of like the ritual of making of spring’s first mint julep for me.
  • Thanks, Mom, for everything
    Throughout the year there are special days set aside to celebrate a variety of holidays, whether it be Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or Columbus Day. One of those holidays is coming up this weekend as individuals prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day and the special woman who made them who they are today.
  • Working to paint complete portrait
    Last week, I talked to an array of people, just like any other week. But one interview was quite unconventional. I called a busy artist, Lorie Amick, about a bison sculpture that she and her partner were painting for the state bicentennial. While talking to her, I learned that she was up on a ladder painting a mural on the side of a women’s center at a YMCA.
  • Don't blame the messenger
    Climate change is a hot topic of conversation and heated debates, so heated that the heat put out during the debates may be among the culprits in climate variations.
  • Mirror, mirror on wall tells all
    I had an experience with this a week or so ago, and it woke me up – literally — that the image we project, even when we don’t realize we’re projecting it, is what people see.

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